Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Have you ever had the experience where you say a word many times over, so much in fact, that it doesn't even sound the same any more... it sounds foreign to your ears and feels funny in your mouth?

Well, I've done that very same thing a few times with eyebrows. But not the word itself, the actual brows on my face.

They are so weird.

If you stare at them long enough they look like misplaced caterpillars even when they're plucked, waxed and trimmed.

That being said, I'm so grateful I have them because if not we'd all look like this:


Which reminds me of this creature for some reason. Ga-rosss.

And in the spirit of the 4th (for everyone but Katrina and company), I'm so glad we have the freedom to do whatever we want with our eyebrows, hair, clothes, employment, worship, families, etc. Happy Independence Day everyone! Might I suggest not celebrating with overzealous plucking.

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  1. Who knew eyebrows were so essential to not looking like a naked mole rat. Seriously, those people look creepy.