Monday, July 23, 2012

Couponing Etc..

I don't really have anything to write about today, so I'll just share some random thoughts with you. 1.) I can't see myself enjoying the world of extreme couponing. Because sometimes I want fresh strawberries in the middle of winter and I am not willing to wait around till April when there is a sale or a coupon to get them. And sometimes, when I get a hankering for Jimmy Dean sausage, I buy it, enjoy it, without ever thinking, "man I should have gotten the ham instead because I could have doubled up on my coupons between the hours of six and ten, Wednesdays only, and saved $1!" 2.) Being able to walk to church on Sunday is a real pleasure. 3.) I love fishing. 4.) I'm wondering what ever became of Lydia Bennett and the evil Mr. Wickham? Was he faithful to her? Did she remain ingorant of his past? Were there children? 5.) I bet I save about $20 a month on our water bill just from showering at the gym. I should tell my husband. Because even though I'm anti extreme couponing (I still use coupons, just not excessivly) at least I'm frugal elsewhere. 6.) I'm so happy I don't have to buy formula anymore. And I think that about sums it up. I know, my thoughts are truly invaluable :)

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  1. Couponing only works for me if it the coupon is for something I am going to buy anyway. I try to shop sales, but if I have to plan my menu around an ad, it is just too much thinking work.