Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bachelorette Catch Up

Ok guys. I haven't "Real Timed" for a few weeks due to summer time. My kids are almost never in bed by my 8:00 start time and once I get them down and sit down to watch, I'm usually an hour in and at that point, what's the point? So here are some thoughts up to now.

1. Poor, poor Sean. On paper, that's definitely who Emily should have chosen. He has muscles, she's a blond bombshell. He's southern, she's southern. He's not funny (that lame joke about him living at home went over like a lead balloon), she's dryer than Arizona. He's a born again evangelical type, she's a born again evangelical type. He's dying to be a husband, she's dying to have a husband. Oh and did I mention that Sean has muscles?

I'm all for Sean becoming the next Bachelor (although I heard a Roberto rumor). And I've got to give it to him...he didn't even cry...well, maybe a little. Didn't we all see it coming though? They had zero chemistry.

2. Emily looked surprisingly weird in a ponytail and tank top at the last rose ceremony. Were she less "endowed" I think this look would have been better on her. Yes, I just said it. Sometimes being flat can work to your advantage. (Very few times, however). Sorry about the lame's the best I could do.

3. Thoughts on One F Jef. I don't hate Jef. His name is spelled wrong. He has a bad haircut. He's a lapsed Mormon, and his family is probably cringing internally at the thought that he's on this show (except for the one SIL who nominated him??? I'm a bit confused by her). But I have to say, he's represented much better than the last two lapsed Mormons to go on the show:

And really, Emily is a sweetheart. So if she and Jef get married (odds are against them) I wish them well.

4. Thoughts on Arie. The way they play up the relationship with Emily and Arie makes me think that she'll choose Jef. It's gotten all gross and physical on us. He's almost not my favorite guy anymore because he never talks. She's all over Arie like a cheap suit, and if Emily weren't a mom with, dare I say it, "baggage", I'd say Arie wins this thing by a landslide. But he's not living a daddy lifestyle. Not that any of us were before we were parents, but I'd say that Arie is the womanizing type. Great for a single gal...not for a mommy.

So it's Arie or Jef. I'm taking bets (in the comment form).


  1. So glad that wienie Sean is gone. He was perfect for her, but ughh, I was not liking him. He did however have a lovely exit interview on Very classy. I liked him a little more after that.

    I really like Jef. I think he is quirky and sweet...but more in a little brother kind of way. It weirds me out when they make out.

    Arie is still my pick. They are pretty physical, but I think they actually have real conversations with real answers...instead of all of that "journey" nonsense.

    Who knows. My vote is still for Brad.

  2. I swear Emily had a bad Botox job. She looked so weird last episode and her forehead was way to smooth during all the crying. I am team Jef just because he is from Utah. Gretel