Thursday, June 14, 2012

Would You Ban Sugary Drinks?

Yes, they are bad for us. They rot our teeth; they are responsible for extra pounds of fat every year; they've been related to hyperactivity in children, and gout in men. GOUT!! But has Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York) gone to far with his proposed ban? Or has he not gone far enough?

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My personal opinion is that now instead of getting a 32 oz soda, people will now just get 2 16 oz sodas. It's basic math.


  1. Yes, they are bad for us, but in moderation, not as bad..It's all about agency.

  2. LOVE Pepsi but rarely drink it anymore.

    I like the information given on menus to educate the public about calories and such. So many people I know have absolutely no clue about nutrition and calories and sodium, etc.... It makes me think twice about what I consume, that's for sure.