Friday, June 15, 2012

Wife #2?


A few weeks ago, curiosity got the best of me.  My husband and I were flipping through the channels after the kids had gone to bed and we ended up watching a few episodes of Sister Wives.  I usually try not to voice my opinion (too loudly) on the way people live their lives, because after all, they do have the right to make their own choices.  However, in this case I just found this show absolutely fascinating.  I also found it a little weird, a little unsettling, and possibly, a tad enticing.

Say what?!?

It's true, I almost gave my husband a heart attack when I said, "You know, I can sort of see some of the perks to polygamy."  (I think a little bit of his drink came out of his nose at this point.)  I continued, "One wife broke her knee and the other wives were there to help her out.  They made meals, they watched the kids.  It is a great lesson in teamwork.  Plus, they have built-in-friends to hang out with.  They never have to organize play groups or ask someone they hardly know to watch their kids while they go to a doctors appointment.  They can trade off nights for cooking, and they can help each other out with the house work.  It sounds great!  The husband sharing part would be the pits and I am not cool with that, but I'm totally on board with the rest of it.  I think I would like having a wife."

My husband calmly chuckled and said, "It sounds to me as if a better idea would be to just hire a nanny or a housekeeper."

I quickly agreed and my dreams of joining the polygamists were dashed away.  And then I was so glad that I was the only woman there on the couch snuggling my husband.


  1. Love Sister Wives. SUCH a train wreck.

  2. Sounds like Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife" essay. In case you haven't read it:

  3. I've told you before you need to be watching that show! A agree with Liz, a train wreck, you just can't look away once you start watching!

  4. Only if I can be the pretty one. J/k

  5. Is this an echo of what I've heard before? ;) I agree with your husband, definitely a nanny and a housekeeper. The husband sharing would just make the claws come out.

  6. Aren't you glad he didn't AGREE with you about having a wife!?!! ;)