Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Do I Love Desserts in Jars?

One thing that I hate about myself is that I can be rather contrarian about trends. If Hawaii is all the rage, I'm heading to Bermuda. If people love the play Wicked, I'm going to go see Cats. I've learned over the years though that Hawaii is awesome and Wicked is great. Usually things are trends because people (including me) like them. That's sort of how I feel about desserts in jars. Trendy? Yes, but why do I find myself wanting to make them, enjoy their cuteness, have a completely color coordinated party, and then devour them? (Note:the odds of this actually happening are slim to none.) Perhaps we don't need to make s'mores in jars because we can just make s'mores without the jars, but tell me that these don't set your heart and taste buds spinning:

Recipe found here

Or maybe it's because you can tie a cute wooden spoon (not an ugly plastic one) to them with twine like this person has done:

Idea found here

Or it could be that they can be wrapped up rather nicely (and easily, might I add) with a nice bow. Or that they are perfectly portioned without the hassle of cutting. Or that you don't have to dish them up prettily; they look good with little effort.

Recipe found here

Whatever it is, I just can't help myself! If desserts were people, these little things would be the babies that you just want to squeeze due to cuteness. See what I mean?

Peach pie in a mini-jar!!! What's not to love? Recipe here.

P.S. Giveaway winner to be announced later today!! Get excited...

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  1. S'mores in jars are cute...but really, there'a a jar to WASH! Think I'll just look at the picture.