Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When Milestones Cause Kidney Stones

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Like most mothers I look forward to certain milestones in my children's life - first smile, first time sleeping through the night, first steps, first words, first hero fascination.  And then there are other milestones that I do not look forward to - tantrums, learning to say the word no, finding out how to hide at the store, etc.  But no milestone filled me with more dread than...(gulp) potty training.

Perhaps it was all the "horror stories" I heard from other mothers at play group.  Maybe it was the fact that all the books I read about potty training had children starting at 18 months (my son is 3).  Or it could be the statistic I heard that it takes 7 months on average to fully potty train a child.  In any case I avoided it like the plague (obviously, because like I just said, my son is 3).  I kept telling myself "when this box of diapers runs out I'll teach him." And then his diapers would run out and I would head straight to Costco to buy myself another 6 week supply.  I did this several times.  As in several several times.  I didn't care that I had two kids in diapers.  I like (love) diapers.  They are easy, they are fast, they are convenient, they are disposable.  However, I didn't want my boy to be the laughing stock of Nursery so I gave myself a pep talk and planned the date when I would begin potty training.  And then I talked it up to my toddler with promises of presents galore (he's a sucker for presents, that one).

The morning of training was exhausting...he cried, I cried, the baby cried (not in relation to the potty training, though) and by nap time we were all exhausted.  After putting a load of underwear in the wash I collapsed.  But then a miracle occurred.  After my youngster's nap things "clicked" for him.  It's been a month since potty training day and he's only had a handful of accidents. 

So either I totally lucked out with an easy-potty-trainable child or the bribery and his old age worked in my favor.  In any case it wasn't so bad.  I'd take it over teething any day.


  1. My number 1 was rather a long process. She wore a pull-up at night for almost a year, and yes, there were many tears from both of us. So I was super nervous to train number 2. I trained them both at 2 1/2, and it seriously took number 2 only 2 days, and she never wore a pull up at night and has never had accidents. I do not give myself credit. She was blessed with an iron bladder. Number 1 on the other hand has had 2 accidents just this year. She's 6. May all your children be blessed with iron bladders. That's all I have to say! Oh, and congrats on training!

  2. With Boys, I think the longer you wait, the better. My pediatrician actually told me that boys don't have very much phyisical control down there until they're 3 anyway. I started training my oldest son at 2. I'm still potty training him and he turns six this Sunday. My second son however, turned three in March and we started potty training two weeks after his birthday. He had the Idea down in a few days and the accidents stopped in a week. He's a total pro now and I can actually trust my three year old to hold it better than my six year old. I'm a firm believer that he's better at it because I waited. I waited for him to be ready and to have the knowledge to understand what was going on. Potty training is scary and every kid is different. I'm glad it went so smoothly for you!!! : )

  3. Oh! The best tip I've ever received - you know they're ready when they wake up dry in the mornings and from nap time. Best tip! : )

  4. I agree with Natalie with boys you have to wait. For sure one of my least favorite things to do.

  5. I brought #2 home from the hospital and #1 took one look at him and said "Babies wear diapers. Not me. I am a big boy". From that moment on he was potty trained. He was 2 1/2. It was a miracle. He set the bar high for #2 :)

  6. You have easy kids....which is why you should have 10 more.