Saturday, June 16, 2012

Picture This

I recently took on a project to scan all the pictures from my baby and childhood photo album for digital backup. There were 477 photos total.

Within the first week of my baby's life I had amassed over 500 pictures of her. I know, we're obsessed.

This got me thinking about how much more our children's lives our documented than our own and all the generations before them. So I asked my in-laws, who are in there 70's, how many pictures they have from their childhood years. They could name and count the photos they recall on two hands.

My mother in-law remembered that there used to be door-to-door photographers. The APEX, or excuse me, Vivnt security system salesmen of the day, if you will. Imagine, getting a knock on your door at some odd time of the day, when you may or may not be out of your sweats and ponytail, with a gentleman offering to take your picture and return with prints at a later time that you can purchase.

If you're not up for the beauty shot, maybe you your childrens' photos taken? Apparently some photographers even brought props for the kids. Like a pony. One of the few pictures my mother in-law has of herself as a child is of her on a random pony, taken by a door-to-door photographer.

30% of me thinks that this is a wonderful idea. No scheduling and no hassle of packing up kids to take them into a studio or chosen photo shoot location.

70% of me thinks it's terrible, and not just because you have no time to primp or prepare. I may just be overly paranoid, but I think it's kind of creepy. First of all, the photographer would be lucky if I even opened the door for him in the middle of the day without my husband home. Secondly, I'd be suspicious that my photos would be used for a purpose other than mantle decor, like this poor family. And lastly, how do I know he's not some creeper from down the street who just wants a picture of my kids? I don't think so buddy.

Some may reminisce about the good ol' days when you could open your door to random strangers and not feel the need to be paranoid but I think I'm content with taking my own photos of my daughter (by the thousands apparently) and if I feel the need to I'll even call in a pony for back up.

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  1. I've never heard of that before, a door to door photographer? That's crazy. And the family with a stolen photo? Even crazier. Unfortunately, the trusting nature of people from that older generation is exactly why the quickly fall prey to so many scams these days. It's sad to me that people take advantage of anyone but especially older people. It's sad. Thanks for this post though, it gave me a laugh. I probably have maybe 200 photos from my childhood and you're right, my firstborn had about 500 photos snapped of him every month for the first year of his life. I hope they're grateful. ; )