Thursday, June 28, 2012


This whole newborn thing has been quite the learning experience for the both my husband and I. Especially in the vocab department--Bumbos and Boppys are often called boopys and bumpys at our house.

That is why when my husband told me the following story, we couldn't stop laughing:

When our baby was 2 weeks old we braved the outside world for a concert my husband's co-worker invited us to. I'm breastfeeding so when my daughter got hungry at the end of the concert I carted her out to the car for dinner. 

She has quite the magnetic personality so naturally, after the concert, the coworker's family wanted to come see her. They started walking towards the car so my husband, ever the protector of modesty and decency, leaped out and ran towards them warning, "we'll have to meet up with you later, she's milking right now."

They were legitimately startled.

Thanks love. 

Livestock are milked, human mother's usually nurse or even breastfeed (if you're a man brave enough to utter (or udder..) the anatomically correct term).

I've got to hand it to him though, my husband is my baby's greatest advocate--for milking, memory making and everything in between. What would we do without these men?


  1. Oh my gosh... Lol. : ) Best story ever!

  2. Milking is such an attractive word, don't you think? That's great!

  3. I am totally going to call it milking from now on. ha!

  4. I'm not going to lie. I hate breastfeeding and quite frankly, milking is the perfect way to describe it :)