Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning Incoherence

Once upon a time I only had one child.  Those were simpler times.  Those were the days when I made my own piñatas and baked goods.  Now I look to store bought goods and mass produced piñatas.   These are more complicated/stressful times...but way more fun.  

I owe it to my husband for making our family life so much fun.  If it was just me and the kids, we'd all be sitting at the table, coloring black and white pictures of coffee tables, eating rice cakes and  squeezing orange stress balls.  He on the other hand, brings out the funny/fun in our everyday lives guiding us to a level of laughter I could never achieve on my own.  

One particular morning, back when I was the parent to only one child, the husband brought out some exuberant laughter at an hour in the day when laughter is rarely seen from a mom with a newborn baby.  The story goes like this:

One morning, around 3AM the baby woke up to be fed. Husband and I made the early morning feeding a team effort. Husband changed the diaper while I got a bottle ready. However, for some reason, this morning, Husband was under the impression that we had two babies. When I tapped him on the shoulder informing him it was "time to change baby boy's diaper", he popped out of bed and asked me "Which baby do I need to change?". I told him unless he wanted to toss me on the changing pad and wipe my butt then...well...we only have one baby who needed changing. And it wasn't me.

So, as is demonstrated by this story, he not only is hilarious at 3 o'clock in the morning, but he helps me when I need it, changes smelly diapers, is a great dad, and does what I ask him to do :)  

Oh man, I am one lucky gal :)

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  1. Husbands are the best for saying things in the middle of the night that make no sense at all :) Sometimes it's fun to just ask them questions when they are sleeping :)