Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I was running

Thanks for that Forrest Gump.

For the past six months I’ve lived in semi-rural Australia. Because of this, I often encounter fun animals on my daily walks and notquiteasfrequent runs.
The path I take goes past a home with sheep, one with a cow, another with horses, chickens… you get the picture. The other day on my run, I encountered this (please excuse the dodgy iphone picture):

 Let me enlarge that for you (again, please excuse the dodgy iphone picture).

Yes, that is a gigantic kangaroo standing at the top of someone’s retaining wall.

I know I live in Australia and kangaroos are native here and it is common to randomly see a few in a field foraging for food and eating grass, similar to this:

See how they’re bent over ready to bound? This one was tall upright, still, and seemed to be watching me like a hawk. It was weird. I was watching thinking it was some kind of kooky tribute to kangaroos. In the time I stood standing there, my heart rate went right back down to resting.
That was until it crouched down and starting bounding straight for me.

I have literally never run so fast in my life. Just so you know, kangaroos are only awesome when they are not trying to kill you.  Heart rate - UP!


  1. I would have run like a maniac too!! Glad you're okay and you didn't end up pounded by a giant kangaroo.

  2. I can't even imagine such a thing. I guess it would be like having a cougar or bear sitting on a retaining wall in my neighborhood...? They're around, but I never see them. I guess you can look at it this way...you got a good workout! (Are Kangaroos mean? What would it do if it caught you?)

  3. Once, I was on a walk with the baby and this huge buck came charging out of the forest, horns down, running straight at us! I tried to get the stroller behind me, so the antlers would go through me first instead of the baby and at the very last moment he ran right around us into the forest on the other side of the road. I had to go home and change my pants.