Monday, June 25, 2012

Husband Week

Aren’t husbands amazing? We’re pretty lucky to have an opportunity to share our lives with someone. And thank heavens we get to seal ourselves to them or they might just run away when we’re crazy hormonal and pregnant.

This week on Pear Shaped Thoughts we are having a tribute to our husbands. We love and appreciate them and so it’s time to celebrate the men that make our lives complete. This way, we make like Jerry Maguire and say ‘You complete me’ in blog form. 

So… Welcome to Husband Week!

Let me kick of the week with a little story that shows how amazing my husband is.
When I was about 11 weeks pregnant I got really sick. I had extreme cramping in my stomach region and because I couldn’t tell if it was stomach pain or uterus pain, we were concerned that something might be wrong with the baby. As any prospective parent might do, we hopped into the car to travel to the emergency room.

As we drove, my sickness increased. I think the movement of the car was making me feel worse. Bumpy car and writhing pain are apparently not friends. Soon, I began to feel like I might throw up. My husband asked if I needed him to pull over, but I assured him I was handing it with ‘mind power’. That only lasted so long.  
Eventually it overcame me and I screeched ‘Pull over!!’ But it was too late. We couldn’t make it. We were on a stretch of road with no shoulder. So, to save the car, my husband sacrificed a prized possession. His hat. Yes, that’s right. He took his brand new, football supporting, perfect, highly loved hat from his head and handed it to his writhing in pain wife and said ‘Here, use this.’ I did.

I promised to buy him a new one. I still haven’t.
I should probably rectify that.

See? Husbands are wonderful.


  1. Great story. Funny, sweet, and gross! Well done.

  2. Awe! Way to go Hubby! What a fun story. : ) My hubby has to put up with my grumpy pregnant self. Haha.