Monday, June 4, 2012

Go Go Gadget Sandwich Maker

A wise man once said,"If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?"

My sentiments exactly!

Just a few weeks ago I was telling my mom how I wished that women grew an extra arm in addition to a baby during pregnancy...and that it was socially acceptable. Heck, maybe even "attractive."

And wouldn't it even better if this arm were an inspector gadget-like, retractable, multifunction arm; one to make me a sandwich, wipe a runny nose, fold clothes, paint my toes, and scratch an itch all while I hold a sleeping baby.

I'm not sure if one additional arm would be sufficient for more than one child.You'll have to let me know. Does each additional child require an additional arm? If so, I'm thinking these arms could be social status makers. Like being a 10 cow wife or something.


  1. Yes. I need 5 arms at this point. I am amazed at the way our bodies change in order to have a baby, but besides the arm thing, why isn't there a hormone that makes it so we don't need sleep at all those first few months? That would make having a newborn SO much better!! If only...

  2. Or how about an extra set of eyes so you can catch the mischief they are in when your back is turned?

  3. I need more than extra arms how bout a few more of me I would take the extra arms though.