Saturday, June 9, 2012

Comfortable in My Own Skin


I read a survey recently that said 97% of women have one negative thought about their body daily.  The first thing that came to my mind was, "Really?  Only one?"  I know sometimes I am hard on myself but I have really started to be happy with my body and my new permanent curves.  (If you count love handles as curves.)

As a teenager, I absolutely hated my body.  And hate would be putting it lightly. I looked like a 12-year old boy for all of my teenage years.  I couldn't have been skinnier or less shapely.  I tried everything.  I lifted weights to bulk up.  I'm pretty sure it only made me skinnier.   I stopped at McDonalds everyday after school to try to fatten up.  It didn't work.  I will probably just have a heart attack at 35.  When I was 17, I took a supplement called Bust-A-Grow.  It was supposed to help me go up a cup size in 6 weeks!  I'm pretty sure all it helped me grow was a mustache. 

Now I look back and think, "What was my problem?  Sure I was a little skinny, but at least everything still pointed up!"

I think as you get older you get more comfortable with your body image.  Why does that happen?  Do you look at your kids and appreciate your stretch marks?  Do you just start to embrace who you are and stop trying to look like someone different? Or maybe you just appreciate that most of it still works?  Who knows, but whatever it is that made me more comfortable with my body, I am so glad not to be an obsessed 17-year old anymore.  That was exhausting.

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  1. I think as we grow older we learn to offer ourselves a bit of grace. We learn to celebrate what our bodies can do instead of what we wish they looked like. Don't get me wrong, I'd still like to drop a few pounds, but I know I my body is strong and capable.