Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adult Onset, Children Induced, Boredom Enhanced Narcolepsy...HELP!

I'm in serious trouble people. I don't want to lose my youthful energy, although I fear I may be too late here. You see, in my 20s I was notorious for going on little sleep. I only really needed about 4 to 5 hours per night and I'd awake feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Why would anyone go to bed on time?! Night time is when all the fun begins!

These were my daily thoughts. This attitude and habit lasted well into my marriage, well into the years after my first child was born, and well into the years after my second child was born. BUT THEN CAME CHILD NUMBER THREE.

Well, really pregnancy number three. And my thirties.

And BAM! I cannot stay awake past 11:00 to save my life. That's not totally true. I can stay awake if I am busy doing something like cleaning or a project or surfing the web, but if my husband and I sit down to watch one of the following

I'm out within 5 minutes.

And my latest "so bored I fall asleep" victim (the one that makes me truly concerned) was Saturday night's Walk the Wire special on ABC.

Here's a guy, Nik Wallenda, who was willing to walk on a tight rope over Niagara Falls with rushing wind and water for over 20 minutes. His life was literally on the line. (Well, not really. He was harnessed.) His wife and kids were watching. One slip of the foot and he could have been seriously injured. It was compelling, albeit weird TV at it's best. And I slept through the whole thing. I remember briefly waking to ask my husband if he made it (he did).

Am I just watching the wrong shows?

Do I need more caffeine?

Or fewer children?

Or fewer years?


  1. I have not yet had my first child and I got that way within our first year of marriage (age 25). I'm surprised you've made it this long!

  2. I'm almost 25 and I passed that threshold a few years ago. I get until about 10:30 pm and then dunzo.

  3. Don't ask me, I just took a 11:00 a.m. Let me know if you find a cure.

  4. It's the kids! HA HA! I'm thinking you don't have narcolepsy.