Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things I Will Miss About Richmond

Things I will miss about Richmond, VA.

1.)Who’s going to call me Shuga’ at the grocery store?  (I’ve also heard “honey” and “baby”)

2.) You Utahn’s don’t know about the existence of these, but at grocery stores on the East coast they have signs in front of top rated parking spaces that say, “reserved for pregnant women or parents with infants”.  Boo-ya.

3.) Proximity to the beach.  (I will miss the beach, but I will not miss the effort it takes to go to the beach with three kids)

4.) People thinking I’m super woman for having three kids.  (My self esteem is going to plummet when we reach Utah.)

5.) People whom I could hold on to on their way to heaven via their timely translation.  (Have I mentioned how AMAZING the people are here?)

6.) YMCA.  (I might be bathing my pillow with tears over this one.)

7.)   The public libraries (But not that guy at the public library that told me how to discipline my kid.)

8.)   That guy that asked me if I was a doctor

9.)   That lady that told me it looked like I was having a girl when I was pregnant. 

10.)  Our ward Organist.  (BEST. ORGANIST. EVER.)

Things I will NOT miss about Richmond, VA.

1.)   Gunshots in the hood.

2.)   No sidewalks.  (It’s like the city is encouraging us to be lazy.)

3.)   No shoulders on the roads. 

4.)   No public pools

5.)   The cold yet snowless winters

6.)   The mold growing in about every crevice of my house

7.)   Driving in the middle lane with my doors locked downtown.

8.)   Creepy crickets

9.)   The two hour drive to get to the temple.

10.)   The way A road turns into B road and B road turns into C road  (my husband would say, “Obviously, Richmond was not developed by a prophet of God” J)

Goodbye Richmond.  We’ll miss you.  Well, mostly.


  1. It's true. People in Utah just don't appreciate mothers the way they do in Virginia.

  2. Love the comment by your husband about the roads not being developed by a prophet of God. So funny. And true.