Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Since taking things from the curb isn't stealing, we now have a brand new CAR!

Just kidding....

Holy cow, though. I am very surprised by the amount of experience readers from my personal blog have with garbage picking (which is evidently, by genearl consensus, NOT stealing).

My husband and I are now a part of that crowd.

It all started 2 weeks ago, when my husband suggested we buy me some rollerblades. I agreed to this wholeheartedly, because having rollerblades has always been my dream. My parents never let me have them. I suspect that was for one of two reasons:
  1. They didn't want to take me rollerblading or
  2. They didn't want to take me to the emergency room
(My husband has not had to take me to the ER (though there have been a few close calls) but he HAS had to take me rollerblading every day since our purchse.)

We don't have a lot of time during the day, so we've taken up something we like to call MIDNIGHT ROLLERBLADING.

(also, I've incorporated roller blading into other daily activities, like doing the dishes and yardwork. I'm thinking of starting a company called Maids on Skates. Good idea, no? My husband didn't think so....party pooper.) (See exhibit A)

Maids on Skates

Anyway, during one particular midnight rollerblade, we passed a house with a giant box next to their garbage. My husband was uncharacteristicly curious (usually that's my role) and stopped to see their exiting new purchase. It was this:

La-z-boy Patio Furniture
Market value: like, $8000

And right next to the big box...their old patio furniture! Good as new, just sitting there, waiting to be smashed in the garbage truck (or some other adventure as seen on Toy Story 3).


My husband and I spent some time looking at the doomed treasure, and then roller-bladed home to ponder the moral issues behind taking things from the curb.

We didn't spend much time pondering. Maybe like five minutes. We ran upstairs, changed all into black (because, if not unethical, it's still taboo, right?) and drove (headlights off) back to the fancy furniture house.

Awkwardly, the furniture didn't fit in our small trunk and I had to sit in the trunk on top of the chairs. Even more awkwardly, we passed our neighbor and his wife (who also happens to be the mission president) who were out on a midnight walk, both going to AND from our house.

In the end, though, it was definitely worth it. We brought our find home, hosed them down (for safety puropses. We may be scavengers, but we are infections-diseases-educated scavegers!) and now we can sit in our backyard! Yay!   

I think from now on, we'll make it a point to go midnight rollerblading the each garbage-day eve.


Many thanks to Cami from this guest post who is helping fill-in while I'm on "maternity leave" from real life. Isn't she a hoot?


  1. You must have roller bladed by my parent's house. They've been known to throw a lot of good stuff away.

  2. I've heard of good finds on the curb, but I've yet to find a treasure myself. Good on ya.