Friday, May 25, 2012

Remember Dating?

Do you remember what it was like? Dating was a lot of fun. Dating was spontaneous and exciting. Dating was full of unanswered questions, flirty text messages, and moments you could never be prepared for. Dating was also full of hilarious moments you love to reminisce about.
 Today my husband and I were doing just that. Reminiscing. Talking about first dates, the debate over when we actually met, spontaneously seeing dolphins as we walked along the beach, first kisses (and blaming each other for making the move), staying up talking all night, getting locked out of our homes because we were out too late, running out of fuel, hitting a koala with a car (don’t worry, it survived), tickle fights, running despite the rain, laughing, crying, planning, conspiring, pulling pranks on friends, breaking up, getting back together, buying a dog (pre engagement… we were weird), and the list goes on.
We also shared a few funny stores from our dating past, pre-each other.
I’m proud to say I dated more before marriage than my husband did. That means I win. It also means I have a few more weird and wonderful stories than him.
What is your favourite dating moment?
Here is one of mine.
Many moons ago I went on a first date with a lovely guy I’d been flirting with for a few weeks. He was nice, funny and maybe a little bit shy. For our date we went to a movie. I can’t remember which movie now, but my journal does.
About half way through the movie, I noticed his hand inching closer and closer to my knee. Soon after, I felt just the lightest brush and when I looked down, I saw his pinky finger resting gently on my knee. I could tell he was nervous. Some time passed and we had a second finger. By now I was cracking up inside, but finding it far too amusing to grab his hand and put the poor guy out of his misery. What can I say, I enjoyed watching him suffer. Then there was a third, later a fourth and then finally, just as the credits began to roll, the whole hand jumped happily onto my knee. I think I heard just the faintest sigh of relief.
That was, by far, the most awkward first move that was ever made on me. And it was also the last move he ever had the chance to make on me.

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  1. Hmmmm Dating was fun while you were going through it, but there was a lot of hurt involved, too. Would I do it again, Nope, Probably not.