Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Perpetual Honeymooners

My husband and I were flying home from Christmas break last year, lifting our tray-tables and seat-backs, and minding our own business when the guy across from us asked if we were on our honeymoon. I, of course, wanted to say yes.

(I always want to tell people we are on our honeymoon - don't honeymooners make people happy? Make people smile? Yes! My husband thinks this is dishonest, to which I say, 'pish posh'.)

BUT, My husband (AKA, Honest Abe) smiled and said "no".

To which the man replied, "Oh good, you guys look WAY too young to be married!"

(FYI, we had just celebrated the 2 year anniversary of our marriage earlier that week.)


I was content to smile and nod, but Honest Abe over there smiled and said, "Oh, no, we got married a few years ago!"

"mumble mumble" goes the man, followed by a loud "how OLD are you guys?"

(WHICH, by the way, is a VERY rude question. I should know, I just bought this book on Amazon.)

Anyway, the man and my husband continued in awkward conversation about age and marriage while the man's wife and I sat, silent and red-faced, until we landed, collected our belongings, and de-boarded the plane.

Next time we're asked if we're on our honeymoon, I'm saying YES.

(Us in 95 years, still on our honeymoon.)


  1. Really, you received an off handed compliment. YOU LOOK YOUNG. Translated: YOU LOOK GREAT

  2. I've never been bothered when people ask me how old I am. Anything to help give them a sense of, well, something about me I guess. I agree with 2busy on this one. I went in for an ultra sound with my 3rd child and the ultrasound tech was all up in arms about how we (my husband and I) looked like we just graduated high school and couldn't possibly be having a 3rd baby already. BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER.

  3. It's even better when someone says "You're a GRANDMA?" and you get to answer "Yes, I have eight grandchidren." Best compliment I had TODAY.

    (I hope you don't mind my comments on your blog... I absolutely love it. You all make me smile so much.)

    1. Karen - we don't mind your comments at all. We love them! Thanks for reading our blog!

  4. Tonight at mutual a guy asked me which high school I went to. I told him I was a leader and he about died. He told me I didn't look a day over 16 :) (YAY!) I was glad I didn't have my kids with me. He would have thought I was a really troubled 16 year old :)