Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out of the Mouth of Babes...Comes Some Pretty Funny Stuff


Sometimes I get a kick out of my 3 year old (but only sometimes).

We were having Family Home Evening on Monday and we were naming off people who love my son.  Then I said, "but there are two people who love you more than anyone.  They are Heavenly Father and..." I paused so he could fill in the blank.  He answered, very matter-of fact, "Buzz Lightyear."  Oy vey.

Last weekend my mom, my kids, and I went out to lunch.  Our waiter had shoulder length, curly hair, and a pretty bushy beard.  After he took our order and walked away my son stated, "he's a lion."  Offensive? Yes.  Funny?  Yes.

We have a neighbor who is an actor in LDS films so sometimes he grows his hair out and has facial hair.  This past winter my son was convinced he was Jesus and would say "hi Jesus" as we walked past him in church.  One day my son was determined to get my neighbor's attention so he could ask him a question.  "Jesus, Jesus," he said, "where's Santa Claus?"  Really?  That's the question he would ask if he met Jesus?  Not one of my proudest mothering moments.

And while we're on the topic of funny things kids say let me share my favorite Primary conversation.  Bear with me if you've already heard it.

I was teaching a lesson on Heaven to 5 year olds...

Boy #1: I wish I could live with Jesus in Heaven.

Boy #2: Not me!  I wish I lived in California.

Girl #1: Me too.  That's where Justin Bieber lives.

Funny people, those kids.


  1. I love kids conversations :) My son also thought someone at church was Jesus. After a couple of times being called Jesus by my son, he cut off a few inches of hair and trimmed his beard :)

  2. That is hilarious! I love the things kids say. Good thing your are documenting. And I have to ask, who is the actor living next door?

  3. That "Where is Santa Claus" bit is awesome.

    My little man is full of the funnies. My recent favorite is:

    "Mom, why don't I drive and you hop in the back."