Friday, May 18, 2012

One Giant Hyper-Thalamus

I came across this picture a few weeks ago.

 Until today, it totally rung true. Today, it seemed completely false. My child did NOT enjoy Elmo. Elmo made him mad. Cheerios and playdoh were like curse words. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Wheels On the Bus were recipes for disaster. And worst of all, so bad that I barely dare to speak it, ‘kissing it better ’no longer made it better.
So I made a new one to represent my child.

Huge hyper-thalamus. Lots of adrenalin causing LOTS of tantrums. And notice the size of tantrum-topia? It probably should be double that size.
My toddler will be 16 months old on Monday. Today he woke up having learned in his sleep to throw tantrums. I think he was visited by some sick twisted nightmare fairy in the night who taught him that throwing himself on the floor whilst crying and flailing all limbs was the best reaction to every single situation. And I mean every… single… situation.

The only things that made him happy for a few moments today? Endlessly riding escalators (no we don’t have one at home – but how cool would that be - we were shopping) and patting and cuddling animals, including the gigantic wolf type dogs that live next door that I had never let him touch until today. I was picking my battles. And today, rather than just interrupting my phone calls with noise, he interrupted them by grabbing my phone from my hand and throwing it on the ground.
What a day.
Please tell me this is just a phase?!


  1. It is just a phase...a phase that will last at least another two years.

  2. You are lucky that it took this long to kick in! My boys learned tantrums early. Like 11 months early. I'm pretty sure they learned it from me. Whoops! :) Here's hoping it passes quickly!

  3. Oh man, tantrums are the pits. But I gotta say I'm with Kasey on this one. Just be thankful he's not yelling out "stupid" between screams. Because seriously, how is it that the second you teach your child that "stupid" is a naughty word, they instantly use it against you? I just figure this is God's way of helping me learn to not judge other people and their kids.