Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Lucky One

I was supposed to give birth to my firstborn yesterday, but alas, I was not the "lucky one."

To pass the time my mother suggested we go see a movie. She loves chick flicks, I do not. My only stipulation was that it would NOT make me cry (I have plenty of other reasons to be crying right about now). She had read the the book, "The Lucky One" and promised it would do no such thing. 

Really, a Nicholas Sparks story with a happy ending? This was worth seeing firsthand. 

The Review: On a scale of 1 to 10

Acting: 9
Great acting. I don't know that they were given Academy Award winning dialogue to work with, but they were very believable in their roles. Zac did spend 99.9% of the show with a very stoic expression; I think he smiled twice. I'll cut him a break though, he was supposed to be a post-war troubled marine.

Eye-candy: 7
In the words of my mother 30 seconds into the film, "it doesn't hurt that we have Zac Effron to look at."
 Personally, I preferred his looks when he was a teeny bopper on the Disney Channel 
(please don't confuse me for a cougar ladies, I actually married an aged man).

Ponytail pull-off points: 10

Taylor Schilling did not have a single shot in which her hair was done. Perhaps it was styled to look "undone." Nevertheless, it was always adorable and gives me hope for the upcoming weeks of post-partumdom. 

Granny Wisdom: 8

I'm always a fan of the supporting grandma roles, especially when the grandmas are a hair fiery, say what needs to be said, and aren't too meddlesome. 

Louisiana Love: 7

Movie producers do such a good job at making any location seem lovely. The droopy trees and peaceful, simple life on the bayou seemed idyllic. They of course, did not show any mosquito bites or hot humid afternoons, let us not romanticize too much.

Overall: 10

If I were to describe this movie in one word it would be "sweet." It was a very sweet story involving good people trying to find happiness and joy in life. I'd recommend seeing it, maybe even before it comes out on Netflix.


  1. Oh Erica! I guess you just answered my text! I can't believe that you have convinced me to watch a Nicolas Sparks movie as I have sworn them off, but you did, so poor Paul may have to endure! Speaking of enduring... That baby will come, trust me. I've been there. And pretty soon she'll be 6 and you'll be wondering where the time went! Good luck this week and if you need to cry, you've got a sympathetic ear in me. Ice cream helps too.

  2. I too love a little bit of Zac Efron eye candy. It may just be enough for me to see the show.

  3. I dragged my husband to it this weekend. I thought it was also sweet. I also think Zac's new found muscles make up for cutting off his great hair.

  4. I so need a girls night. This would definitely be on my list of movies to see.

  5. As soon as you take your baby home you'll be wishing you were pregnant instead (j/k - no, I'm not). I didn't even think I would want to see this movie, but I think your review has talked me into it.

  6. Thank you so much for you review on The Lucky One! It really looks like a movie I would enjoy. I had seen it on Blockbuster @Home so I should be receiving it shortly. Zac is a little cutie, all grown up. I am sure I will re-watch this DVD for a long time, I will be lucky I won't have to return it so soon. A co-worker at Dish was telling me she cried watching this movie, lol.