Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Man Speak

Once while my husband was at the gym stretching and doing crunches a certain man approached him.

Without any prior greeting the man said, "So where'd you play."

My husband: "Excuse me?"

Man: "Where did you play?"

(Meaning, where did you play ball, because you look like an athlete. However he was speaking 'man speak' wherein you can only use as few words as possible to explain what you're talking about so he didn't explain further. Good thing my husband is fluent in 'man speak' so he knew what the guy was referring to.)

My husband: "I didn't play anywhere."

Man: "So God just gave you a great body, huh?"

Me upon hearing this story later...bahahahahahahahahaha [gasp for air] hahahahaha. Don't get me wrong I think by husband is a total hunk and yes he does have nice sized muscles but what man comes up and tells another guy something like this.

Men are so weird. Every time we go on a double date with friends I'll hear the question asked, "So what are you weighing these days?" and, thankfully, it is never addressed to me.


  1. No one would ever ask my husband that. Except MAYBE when he was in his 20's. But, yeah...

  2. One time a guy complimented my husband on his shorts. It was awkward.