Thursday, May 31, 2012

Learning Something New

I think I might be an 80 year old at heart.  Sometimes I make my family wait to eat dinner until after Jepoardy is over, I'd faint if I saw Bing Crosby in concert  (you know, back when he was alive and actually performing), I think people who skateboard are hooligans (and that includes my brother), I like to wear mumus and slippers around the house (not really), and I have a strong desire to while away the day crocheting. 
Problem: I don't know how to crochet.

My first idea was to ask my elderly neighbor to teach me.  She's been doing it for decades, and as a bonus I would probably learn all of her family's deepest darkest secrets because she's quite chatty.  However between my children's naps and her volunteering at the senior center I thought finding a time would be difficult, so I acted my age and found an alternative on the Internet. 

Enter Crochet School, an online course on everything you need to know about crocheting.  There are 23 lessons and I'm still stuck on lesson 2 which covers how to hold your hook.  It's not a particularly hard thing, holding a crochet hook, but I have bad experiences with my hands and not learning to do things right. 

It all started in 1st grade...I distinctly remember my teacher telling us how to hold our pencils the correct way.  However, it wasn't natural for me so I opted to hold it a different way.  I'm not one to hang onto grudges but my pencil holding was never corrected and my current death grip on pens makes my hand so sore that I can only write about a paragraph before my hand cramps up.  Darn you Mrs. P.

A more recent my mid-20's I started taking banjo lessons (now before you contact me about playing at your wedding I have to tell you I'm not very good.  Unless you are particularly fond of "Oh Susanna" then I'd be happy to play).  I had been taking lessons for several weeks before my banjo teacher informed me that my pinky and ring finger should be resting on the banjo drum head, not sticking up in the air like I was currently doing.  By then it was too late, the habit had been formed.  Undeterred my teacher started taping my fingers to the banjo.  It was embarrassing, and truth be told, unsuccesful.

That's why I'm determined to learn how to hold the hook correctly the first time around.  Of couse, at the rate I'm going I'll probably really be 80 by the time I learn.


  1. Hey, I took banjo lessons, too! I also held my fingers wrong. I also hold my crochet hook wrong, but my stuff comes out fine, so I say, hold it how you want and be proud of your individuality! :) Ha!

  2. Mrs P ruined me too! I hold my pencil so wrong! That's why I didn't really worry about it when I taught first grade. The letters come out the same. I'm going to have to check out crochet school bc I have no idea if I hold the hook right or wrong.