Wednesday, May 9, 2012

House Trends

When I talk about trends it’s usually in regard to clothing.  But, as it happens, there are trends in other areas of our lives.  Homes, for example.  Generally you can look at a home and guestimate the year it took ground based on its features that derived from the trends of the time. 

Well, my Compadre and I are on the quest for a new home.  (Not actually new, but new to us.)  One of the homes I visited sported that popcorn ceiling from the 1970’s (or was it 1960’s).  A big trend for the time, right?  

As I contemplated this trend, I thought, “Why in the ______ was this even trendy?” (True story.  I actually thought ‘blank’ in my head.)  What is it about this texture that had people lining up to get it sprayed on their ceiling?  Because, for me, just looking at it gives me the heebie geebies. 

Was it because it looked like popcorn/cottage cheese and thus suppressed their appetite just by looking at it?  A sure fire way to loose weight.  Or did it have the opposite effect and make them hungry?  Maybe it was the little sparkles interlaced with the popcorn that drove them to it? 

Truth is, I don’t know.  I’m just glad it’s not trending now.  Because I don’t like it.  That and the whole asbestos thing.  Not even interlaced sparkles can make up for that.  


  1. The popcorn ceiling is possibly Jay's most hated thing on Earth. Haha! However, he does know how to scrape it off and do a nicer texture if you need a guy :)

  2. I don't like the popcorn ceiling either. I do, however, have fond memories of the sparkles in them. When I was young the house we lived in had the popcorn/sparkle ceiling. Every night before bed my dad would lift me up and let me get a "star" (read: sparkle) off the ceiling. Come to think of it, maybe he was just using me to slowly get rid of all the sparkles.

  3. I always thought it was gross. And it can totally look dirty and can't be washed off either.