Thursday, April 26, 2012

When I Was a Child I Thought as a Child

Remember Karl Malone?
If not, don't feel bad.  He played for the Utah Jazz and was known as "The Mailman."  In my 6 year old brain I didn't realize "The Mailman" was a nickname because of his consistent delivery in scoring points.  I thought he was an actual mailman.  That was before I found out that NBA players make a ridiculous amount of money and don't need regular day jobs.

Of course that's not the only silly thing I thought as a child.  For example when I was little I thought Arby's was actually called Arby's of Heleman.
Apparently whoever I sat next to in Primary during singing time must have always had a stuffy nose.

My dad's business was next to an empty field when I was growing up.
That field was what came to my mind when people referred to "the mission field" in church.  Yes folks, I thought "the mission field" was the empty field next to my dad's work.  Which is weird because I never actually saw a missionary walking around there.

Speaking of missionaries I had a friend who thought that instead of saying MTC when people were referencing the Missionary Training Center that they were actually saying Empty Sea.  Cute, right?
Except he was in high school before he finally realized his mistake. Sad, right?

When my husband was little he had a neighbor who's front yard had a fence that sort of looked like this:
He thought his neighbor was the richest person around because his fence had a chain on it.  Why he equated chains with wealth still baffles me.

I thought the freeway was called such because you didn't have to pay to drive on it...not that I had actually seen my parents pay to drive on any road.  And I was disgusted when, as a 5 year old, I discovered that my mom had to actually pay for the food we got from drive-thrus.  I thought they were free hand outs.

I could go on, but I won't. 

What funny things do you remember thinking as a child?

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  1. I remember going to my cousin's ward and hearing someone say that "this was the only true church" and I was a bit offended because my church was across town and I was sure that I went to the true church!