Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trendy for a Cause

I've decided recently that I'm all for trendy fadish things. This is a big departure from my normal patterns of thought. Blame in on too many years in Utah.

Turquoise and mustard? Go for it.
Floral print? Love it.
Big flowers and feather head bands? Yes please.

Here's the deal--the thing about trends is that they break the monotony of my closet (this may or may not be related to the fact that I have a total of 3 outfits that fit my pregnant body right now).

Plus, they don't last forever. Why not have some fun and make the most of them while they last? Who knows when Easter colored jeggings will be back in-style?

I think my recent embrace of all things trendy made me love Bob Carey's Tutu Project.

Bob's wife got breast cancer a few years back. He took his photography skills and good humor to work and posed in a tutu in various places to raise money for a cure.

You go Bob. Might I suggest adding some lace trimmed leggings?

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