Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thinking of The Children

I came across this article/video last week.  And as cool as surfing is, I pray that none of my children will ever be so passionate about it that they'll want to take on the big daddies.  I almost started crying with each wipeout and the following things popped into my mind:

Is he okay?  OH MY GOSH!  Is he okay?  Oh NO! I hope that board doesn't sever his leg.  I hope he doesn't drown.   That is a lot of water pressure.  What if he bangs his head on a rock?  Oh NO!  Is he okay?

I just hope their mothers weren't watching.  You know, in an effort to save them from an anxiety attack.

Then I watched the trailer for this movie.  And although I'm not a huge animal person generally, It's very possible I'll now be asking for a chimpanzee at Christmas.

I tell you what, this "being a mom" thing has really got me crying about everything if it has to do with kids.  So, as one who already cries about everything, I am here to tell you that "everything" just expanded.  Crap.

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