Saturday, April 7, 2012

On My Soapbox: Preschool!

I know that the intent of this blog is not for you to be giving me advice, but if the spacing of children takes up 12% of my brain power (which my husband jokes goes down about 11% with the birth of each child), then this debate takes up about another 15%. (Quick! Who can tell me where that puts me in terms of available brain space?!) In other words, I need help.

First of all, I'm a former public educator. I believe in school. I believe in kids learning from adults who aren't their family members. I believe (and have experienced first hand) that adults who aren't kids parents can stretch them and get more out of them than parents can.

Having said all that, shortly after I moved to the east coast, my second child turned 3. She has an early birthday which means that she won't start Kindergarten until the fall of 2014. So I was thinking that I would send her to two years of preschool like I did my first child. That would mean that she would start preschool this coming fall.

But out here, things are different. EVERYONE asks me where she goes to preschool. And EVERYONE sends their 2 year-olds to preschool.


$300 to $400/per month


That's a lot of dough.

So would you opt to send your child for two years or just one? And if you tell me that I could do a rotating preschool with some other moms for next year, let me tell you, that I DON'T KNOW ANY MOMS. I'll be moving into the ward about a month before I need to start preschool, and who knows the make up of the ward?

Did I also mention that my 3 year-old REALLY needs to get out of this house, every now and again? I really do think that a school experience would be really good for her.




  1. So, a friend of mine from Richmond was telling me that she has a sister that lives in the DC area and since preschools are so expensive she looked into different high schools that offer preschool programs. I really don't know anything about it, but you may find some information about it if you research it or something. Also, my mom did the joy school thing back when I was a wee lass, and she said "you know, it was great those other three weeks when they were at someone elses house, but every week when my turn came around I would think, 'is this really worth it'. I might go crazy if I did the joy school thing. It is really not for me. Plus, if I was a teacher like you, I would probably get mad if someone wasn't putting in as much effort as I was.

  2. As somone who is very cheap my first response would be no - $300-400/month is not worth it. But as someone who also has a three year old my next response would be yes - $300-400/month to get them out of the house for a couple hours is worth it. So basically, I have no real advice to give. Good luck!

  3. I would have to say no and mainly because of the money. That is outrageous! I think kids really only need one year of preschool and the moms are the ones who need two years. I really don't think that kind of money is worth 2 hours of time. I hear you on wanting the the time out for her, but I would say enjoy her and the time you have with her. My kids are starting to get so busy and I kind of miss them being home. I am not a big fan of the whole joy school thing not my cup of tea, Jami's mom was right on. I would check into the high schools like Jami said but they usually have big waiting lists and then if all else fails just enjoy her and send her next year!

  4. Just put her in gymnastics or dance lessons, and forget about sending her to 2 years of preschool. She's a smart little lady, so she really doesn't need the 2 years academically. And socially, if you get her into lessons of some sort, that will fulfill her needs, although you may go insane. I wouldn't spend that much money for a 3 year old to attend preschool. I might be cheap, but I'm pretty sure any benefit Lulu would get out of preschool wouldn't outweigh the cost.