Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Name Calling

Since we're on the subject of relatives, I thought we could discuss some of our favorite ones--grandparents.

Growing up my husband and I both referred to our grandparents as "Grandpa" or "Grandma" so-and-so and we both had friends who loving used terms like, "Gran," "Gram," "Nana," and "Grammy." (Apparently there are many titles grandparents assume).

We both agree that it seemed like our friends with "special" grandparents names had something we didn't. Some kind of secret relationship or special grandparent-grandchild bond. Clearly we were missing out.

So, I'd like to take an unofficial poll:

  • What did you call your grandparents?
  • If you had "special" title did you feel cooler than everyone else? Please, don't be afraid to admit it, we all know you were. 
  • What do your kids call your parents?
  • How did your kids come upon the title they use with your parents? Did they pick it themselves? Did Grandma decide? You?

Please, don't hold back. We have only a few years before our firstborn can talk and these decisions cannot be taken lightly.


  1. I really don't know how these things come to be. I always called mine Grandma (her first name), and while she wasn't Nana or anything, I always felt that my grandparents were special. I don't think a name really matters too much. Yours will be the first grandchild, so you get to set the pattern on this one! I'd ask your parents what they prefer and if they don't care, I'd just go with what feels most comfortable to you.

  2. My Grandparents - I only knew my Mom's folks - were Gran and Granddaddy. While my Grandmother sort of had a special name, we had a horrible relationship. The woman scared the pee out of me. I was scarred for life by her yelling at me because I was eating a banana on her couch. A banana people, really??

    My children refer to my parents as Grandmom and Grandpa. My husband's folks are a different story. My husband's mother is from Hawaii so in Hawaiian, they call their grandmothers and grandfathers Tutu and Papa. I do feel that my boys have a special connection with their Tutu and Papa but that also could be connected to the fact that we have lived with them since my first was born due to medical bills - FUN.

    SO to make a long story short, I don't think special names mean you have a better relationship with them. I truly think it all ties back to how close knit your family is. Plus, with a special name like Tutu, I am constantly explaining to people that its my son's grandmother and he does not have a tutu for a special friend. ; )