Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mysteries of the Universe

I don't normally consider myself a "deep thinker." I know you're probably shocked seeing as how most of my posts have a lot of substance to them, but it's true. However, I have noticed that the past few weeks I have been asking myself a lot of profound questions. Questions that seemingly have no answer to them. For instance...

1) Why do people say "I'm sweating like a pig"? Pigs don't sweat.

2) Why did Regis Philbin retire? I miss him.3) Why do people clap every time someone spins the wheel on Wheel of Fortune? It doesn't seem a particularly difficult thing to do.

4) Speaking of Wheel of Fortune, why does Vanna White still change the letters? The board became digital years ago.

5) Why do they compare the size of fetuses (it's right, I looked it up) to fruits and vegetables? Don't they know pregnant women already think about food too much?
6) Why can't someone invent clothes that are cute AND as comfortable as pajamas? And I'm not talking about a velour tracksuit (those aren't cute).

7) What exactly is a dingo? And, more importantly, do they really eat babies? Maybe our resident Australian, Katrina, can help us out.

8) Why can't chocolate chip cookies taste like celery and celery taste like chocolate chip cookies? Then I could shed these last 10 pounds (okay 15) of baby fat.
9) How is it we can put a man on the moon but no one can invent socks that stay on a baby's feet all day? It isn't rocket science (the baby socks part, not the flying to the moon part).

Chew on that for a while...


  1. I've wondered about the sweating like a pig comment as well!! Some people. Good questions about Wheel of Fortune. Now you've got me thinking!!!

  2. These are great questions Kasey. You're all about lifelong learning.

  3. Those are all thoughts that require, well, some thought....

  4. Better yet... How old is Vanna White? And how does she stay looking the same as 25 years ago?

  5. I agree. Things you often ponder! Now, about the Dingo. Dingos are just wild dogs found in Australia. I can't say I've seen too many in the wild so must be mostly country locations. The dingo eating the baby thing... There was a case in the 80s where a woman was on Fraser Island (just off the coast) and her baby went missing and she claimed a dingo ate it. There was a massive investigation that was actually only resolved this year... they thought she might have murdered it or it was kidnapped... but it was found that the dingo theory was the most likely! So yes, babies better watch out!