Friday, April 20, 2012

Guest Post: The Excessive Cost of Torture

Today's blog post is brought to you by Bobbie. Bobbie is a wonderful woman, mother of 4, blogger (you can find her here), and superwoman. She bakes, she crafts, she maintains a lovely home, and does it all with a smile!

I always wanted to be a parent who joined in (except at parks. I don't like to play at the park.)

But I'm finding out it's costing me a lot extra to partake in torture.

Like at Iceskating the other day. There were many mums sitting, reading in the stands.

I know I am a young mum and many women are a lot older than me. Perhaps the fear of a broken hip is too much or their lack of energy or tweens who don’t really need them out there... but maybe they have the right idea.

Now if I were an adult going iceskating as a date or with friends (which I have done) I would expect to pay entry.

BUT as a mother of four children I take exception at having to pay twice as much entry as the kids when it is OBVIOUS I am not going for my own enjoyment.

This is not a date.
This is not hanging out with friends.
This is not an individual mum time out activity for my own good.
This is basically torture.

This is having little monkeys hang off me, nearly topple me, fight over who gets to hold my hand, beg to go around and around, carry me, hold me, a chaos of legs flying in all directions.

Why should I pay so much more? I should be half price! Should kids entry not cost more than parent entry?!

So maybe those mums on the sidelines had it right. They get to save their $17 entry and spend it on hot chocolate at the cafe.

While I nurse blisters and bruises.

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  1. You have the right idea! Maybe kids tickets to kids movies should cost more than adults too, since we're usually not enjoying the movie quite as much as they are.