Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fashion Advice

Several times during my adult life I have seen women, age 30 plus, wearing clothes inspired by girls age 13 plus.  You know, bedazzled bums, sequins tops, neon colored boots.  I too have fallen victim to such snares.  Just today I bought a pair of bright blue capris.   The thing I’m confused about though is why we follow the fashion tips of teenagers?  Teenagers have only been around for 13-19 years and have little to no experience with, well, anything.  (I’m not trying to discredit teenagers here; this is just a generalization.)  I don’t look to them for any other kind of advice so surely I would steer clear of their fashion recommendations. 

We should be looking to women 65 or older for fashion tips.  Think about it.  They’ve got everything going for them when it comes to “those we should take advise from”.  Lots of life experience, wisdom, concern for comfort and practicality, all while remaining unique and versatile and unaffected by what others think.  And if you’re out to make a statement, I’d say you’d made a great one as a 20-something going to the mall dressed as a 60-something. 

So, that being said, lets all head out to the nearest thrift store where old lady clothes come out in full force, put on a pair of nude, knee high nylons, with a white collared blouse, full length pleated skirt and flat Mary Janes and call it good.  Fashionably good.  


  1. Loved this post! I work in a business office with a woman in her 50's who dresses like a teenager. Everyday without fail she is in a trendy hat and colored leggings under a mini skirt.

  2. I think I already dress like a 65 year old. Actually, today I realized that I looked a little bit like a polygamist. Ha! :)

  3. Check out Anthro. Everything they sell looks like an old lady to me.