Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Revenge

Our lives have purpose because of easter. We understand that if it weren’t for this event there would be little point to our being on the earth. I am forever grateful for Jesus Christ: for his sacrifice and resurrection three days later the means when I’m an idiot, it can all be okay.

I am also grateful for how we have come to celebrate easter. With chocolate! We shape into eggs what is already delicious as squares and consume it in excess. We share it, give it away, and keep a whole lot for ourselves. I’m not sure if that last part is showing true easter spirit, but it’s the truth.

Some of my favourite child hood memories are of easter holidays. As children, we used to spend easter at my grandmother’s house. She would hide easter treats, eggs and bunnies of all shapes and sizes, in her backyard for us to hunt. Often as we arrived at her house, the eggs would already be out and we’d get super excited as we saw the colourful wrappers smiling at us from in the bushes and trees.

She also had a great time hiding eggs in her giant cactuses. You’d think she’d avoid the cactuses. Ever had a cactus spine in your finger or toe? Ouch! I think that might have been her special way of getting back at us for all the annoying things we used to do to her. Maybe she kept a list. I’d say it would have looked something like this:

Easter Revenge List
Sister 1: Spilled milk on the carpet – 1 cactus egg
Sister 2: Ripped hole in favourite shirt – 3 cactus eggs
Sister 3: Vomited all over new shoes – all eggs into cactuses
You get the drift.

But hey, chocolate is chocolate. Whether you’re covered in cactus spines or not.

Happy easter everyone!

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