Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrity Breakups that Broke Me Up

In celebration of the largely anticipated engagement between Brad and Angelina last week, let's take a look back at the celebrity breakups that really made me sad. Because, not to be a downer, that's what happens in Hollywood.

1. Brad and Jen: They were darling together. Actually, they look more like siblings than a couple. Maybe that's why it didn't work out?

2. Reese and Ryan: She is such a sweetheart. It made me sad to see her go through something so hard. However, I think it worked out alright for her.

3. Meg and Dennis: As the star of so many romantic comedies, it was tragic to see her real life happy ending fall apart. But, she still has great hair to wake up to each morning.

4. Heidi and Seal: This breakup actually surprised me, which isn't easy to do. Sad for them, but they seem to have made it as drama-free as possible.

5. Bruce and Demi: They just seemed to fit, didn't they? Isn't it amazing how some couples remain friends after a divorce? Bravo to them.

6. Brad and Emily: I nearly cried with Emily when these two broke up. I was really hoping it would work out for them. However, I am excited to watch her upcoming season of the Bachelorette.

7. Justin and Britney: I miss these two together. I miss their matching outfits... especially the denim one. Actually, while I am missing things, I miss Justin's curls, too.

8. Jessica and Nick: Out of all of the celebrity breakups, I think I am actually STILL sad about this one. Did anyone else love Newlyweds? Hilarious!! Is it possible to be that dumb and still function?

Which celebrity breakup made you sad?


  1. Sorry Lindsay, but I'm over the celebrity breakup thing. I think they get together and break up, just to be in the limelight. What I want to see are the ones that can actually keep it together! There are a few of those out there! :)

    1. I thought of doing that because it made more sense with an engagement, but I could only think of like 2 couples! Haha!

  2. I think I was most upset about Brad and Jen. I was so angry at him, and I totally thought Angelina was a skank. (oops, did I say that out loud?) I thought they were going to make it...Interestingly, the media isn't very interested in the long standing marriages. You sure don't hear about the much. The media is all about the engagements and divorces. We just get caught up in it, too.