Monday, April 30, 2012

A Bad Case of the Grumps

Sometimes you just need to vent.  Everyone has frustrations and apparently it is therapeutic to talk about them.  This week I have had an exceptionally dark cloud over my head.  Maybe it was the nasty cold that I got, maybe it’s hormones…who knows?  I’m hoping if I vent the things I am really grumpy about I can get over them and return to my usual cheery self. 

1.     Why haven’t they announced and posted pictures of Emily’s bachelors yet?  How am I supposed to write my predictions?  It better not be because they are hiding Bentley.  I will have a lot more to be grumpy about.
2.     I really hate new towels.  Yes, they are lovely, and flawless, but could they possibly be LESS absorbent?
3.     Unsolicited parenting advice, from strangers, family, or friends.  If I have a question on my method, I will ask.  If not, they are my kids.  Leave it alone.
4.     My muffin-top.  Why can’t I eat like I used to?  Now I have to do 37 lunges and 400 squats if I have an Oreo.
5.     The smell of mildew on dishcloths.  How do you get rid of that?!?  I usually just throw them away and buy new ones.  There has got to be a cheaper way.
6.     Wind and rain.  I hate when my hair gets wet.  I really hate when it gets wind blown.
7.      I have a farmer's tan. 
8.   My camera is being held together by athletic tape.

Sorry for the downer, but I feel better already! 


  1. Is that Cannon? It looks just like him. Boil your dish cloths on the stove for 15 minutes. If they still smell throw them away. I replace the toilet seats every year cuz I can't stand the thought of all of the inbeded germs... we all have something.

  2. I replace toilet seats like Kate. Also, I only use a wash cloth for one day then it goes in the washing bin. A hot water wash helps...I've hear washing with some vinegar could help, but then you have the vinegar smell, too.

  3. Try washing your towels with baking soda. I hope your dark cloud produces a rainbow soon Linz! Everyone has to vent sometimes!

  4. this totally works to fix that towel smell!

  5. It's not Cannon, it's just that that kid has a humongous head!!! Just like Cannon. Super cute kid though!! Mine is: Why does my three year old have to wear every shoe that I leave out, especially my boots. Now all of my shoes and my hardwood floors have scuffs on them, not from me, but from the little three year old Mya who thinks shes sixteen.

  6. For the rags I do the one day only thing and also the sanitary wash on the washing machine.

    A friend of my swears by Bac-out (, especially on those days that you accidentally forget the load of laundry in the washer for a day or two longer than you expected.

  7. I just wanted to tell you that you seriously need to stop doing that one thing you do with your boys. Because it is not working. :) Also, Oh man, new towels are seriously the pits.