Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back to Work

I returned to work this week. Now, before you feel badly for me I have to tell you I only work 6 hours a week so it's not exactly a grueling schedule. While I am pleased as punch to be able to stay at home with my kids most of the time I do have to say there are some perks of working.

And so I present the good, the bad, and the ugly of Kasey, the working mom.

The Good:
- I got to talk to adults. In the middle of the day. And it wasn't even Sunday.
- I go to work, I get money. It's a nice cause and effect thing I have going on.
- My mom babysits for free (sorry Jami).
- When I was hungry I ate. When I had to go to the bathroom I went. When I needed to check my e-mail I did.
- My workplace has crunchy ice like this:

The Bad:
- Since I'm at work and my baby is not I have to pump. Ugh.
- Work is work is work (what does that even mean when people say that?)
- A patient told me I was looking much trimmer, which is a way of telling me that I was fat the last time he saw me. It was one of those compliments/insults. Sometimes the elderly can be brutally honest.
- I missed my kids. However, the feeling was not mutual. When I went to pick them up my son said to me, "No! Mom, go to work."

The Ugly:
- My baby proved my theory that she can not handle formula for she promptly spit up all over me when I picked her up. I'm not talking a bit of spit up. I'm talking so much spit up the baby needed a bath, I needed a change of clothes, and my mom needed to clean up the puddle on her new couch.

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  1. Kase- It's okay that your mom babysits. I still like you, and your mom :) Also, I love that kind of ice. It is my favorite of all the ices.