Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And I'm Not Even a Groupie

I love me a little General Conference.  It’s a good time for me to remember that I shouldn’t gossip or say mean things about people.  Mostly it reminds me to repent for all the dumb things I do.  Plus, I love to watch the Prophet.  He makes me smile. 

You know what else made me smile this year?  David Archuleta in the MTC choir.  He’s just so dang cute.  Like, “I want to pinch his cheeks and take him to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday” cute.  

So, good for you David.  I’m rooting for you.  


  1. He is so darling :) I missed our General Conference watching together this year :(

  2. He is darling...I've read on the internet some other elders were upset that he was picked to be in the choir over others who had been in the mtc longer. That's a no brainer. DUH! He's a better singer.

  3. I mean yeah, of course they are going to show Archie. The church has to do a little pr work every now and again to look cool. Oh wait, is David Archuletta cool? Well, he's cool to me! And probably to many other middle-aged Mormon housewives. He's going to sell out at Deseret Book in the coming years. I guarantee it!