Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TV Charmers

A gal in my ward has a super crush on Alec Trebek.  She loves him and his ability to say the French answers in a French accent.  You know, all Alec Trebek like.  The news of her crush came as a bit of a shock to me since she’s about 25 and Mr. Trebek is pushing 70.  But then I thought, ‘heck, what’s not to love about Alec Trebek?’ He’s kind, he’s smart (that, or he just knows how to read cue cards) and he gives people money.  He’s a TV charmer.  

All that TV charm got me thinking about other TV charmers.  Some as fictional characters, some not.  Here are my top five TV charmers:

1.)   Clark Kent (Smallville)-  My 17 year old self is swooning all over this guy. Farmboy, hardworker, mysterious, handsome.   Plus he saves lives.  No biggie. 

2.)  Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)- I’ve only watched this show a handful of times but I can not get enough Phil.  Family man, tightrope walker.  It’s quirky, yet loveable. 

3.)  Matt Lauer (The Today Show)- Does this guy know how to wear a suit or what?!  Not to mention his inadvertent ability to make leg crossing look sophisticated and manly at the same time.  Plus, his interviews show he’s personable yet professional. 

4.)   Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)- Nerd meet Super Spy with great hair.  Awesome.

5.)   Brian Williams (Nightly News)- Oh, that voice.  That deep, but not to deep, journalistic voice.  And after seeing his Sesame Street Skit,  I liked him even more. 

Unfortunately for all these charmers they’ve been beaten by the real deal.   Because at the end of the day, no one will be the hardworking, quirky, leg crossing nerd with great hair and a great laugh that my husband is.  He’s a real charmer J (And that my friends, is about as sappy as I get.)


  1. I will totally concur on the Clark Kent one, but I'm not so sure about the rest...

  2. That Matt Lauer is one handsome man. He was on a Sesame Street dvd that Jack just watched over and over and over. And I watched it with him. What a hunk :)

  3. Great post! We all have our quirky tv show crushes - I'm willing to admit mine, as odd as it may be. Mike Rowe from dirty jobs. My husband makes so much fun of me because I stupidly told him this tv show crush. He says Mike is a harry old ape of a man. Sorry, the guy makes me laugh. : )