Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Texts from a 12-Year Old

This Christmas brought extra joy to my 12-year old brother when he FINALLY got his very own cell phone equipped with texting capabilities.

Kids having cell phones is such a controversial issue and I've always thought, "what does a kid need a cell phone for anyway?" Twelve is so young and I was so much more mature when I got one (14 years old)...right?

Nevertheless, this post is not about what should be or shouldn't, but just that fact that it is.

Kids have cell phones. What in the world are they texting about? Prepare yourself--I'm about to share with you the inner workings of a twelve-year old boy. (Names have been changed so don't try to stalk my little brother):

Dec 25

"Hey its jimmy i got my own phone and oh merry christmas"
"Hi its mejimmy"

He was still learning about the whole "people will answer at their earliest convenience thing" or for me "I will answer when I finally pull my phone out of the couch three days later, because let's be honest, no one texts me any more, especially on Christmas vacation."

Dec 27
Him: Hi big sis hows ur tummy is it big yet
Me: Not, it's not very big yet
Him: a man i got my hpes up

Jan 4
Him: How are you
Me: Good. How are you?
Him: good in the middle of aN air soft war

What the? Why are you texting me in the middle of an air soft war?

Him: (later) good night love you
Me: Love you too :)
Him: ha nice smiley face

Sweet he still doesn't know about emoticons, I retain my position as cool big sister

Feb 9
Me: (I sent him a picture of my pregnant belly that he's been dying to see)
Him: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! U GOT A BIG BELLY b:) pie boy hahah

I think he means dough boy? Either way, I'm glad someone's excited about it

And there you go. I know what you're thinking, deep and meaningful. Well, maybe the texts are not full of us unraveling the mysteries of life together, but he is 12 people and they mean a whole lot to him. And, oddly, I  feel more connected to him. His innocent check-ins every now and then are so endearing to a homesick sister.


  1. Aw, that's so sweet. I'm kind of jealous, I can't get my 30 year old brother to text me. Wish I has a 12 year old brother who was excited about it!

  2. That is so sweet! You need to treasure those texts.