Friday, March 9, 2012

Stolen Jokes

Last year on Australia’s Got Talent, there was quite the controversy around a comedian who apparently had stolen a good portion of his material.

Before my husband and I started dating, we were running buddies. We’d meet early in the morning before work or school and go for runs around the Brisbane River. Sometimes, we would then have a healthy breakfast together.

One day, he’d come back to my house to make fruit salad. We chatted as we cut up the fruit – strawberries, rockmelon, apples, grapes, mangos. They all go together to make a delicious, summery salad. As we sat down to eat, I asked him if he’d prefer a dessert spoon or a little spoon. He responded ‘I’d like a little spoon because I like to pretend it’s normal sized and I’m a giant.’

I thought it was hilarious. I laughed and laughed. Maybe you had to be there, I don’t know. It’s not really the point. But you must know that my husband’s humour was actually one of the things that attracted me most to him.

A few months went on and one day I was reading a book about Seinfeld and happened upon that same line, ‘I like to pretend it’s normal sized and I’m a giant.’ Well colour me boggled. Seinfeld? I couldn’t believe it was a stolen line.

I instantly sent him a text and the controversy ensued. As if steal a joke and have me begin to fall for you on false pretences. Luckily he is incredibly funny on his own too.

Now, he references every ‘stolen joke’.

That’s more like it.

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