Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sitting Duck

This is a tale of too close encounters and socially inappropriate behaviors, and unfortunately, it involves a bathroom scene. Read ahead at your own discretion. 

Last week my husband visited the bathroom in his office building at work. When he entered he noticed a old custodian tinkering around with some kind of plumbing issue. With no "out of order" sign posted, my husband proceeded to enter a stall to take care of business. 

Shortly thereafter he hears a metal clank and scraping and notices someone (said janitor) is setting up a ladder just outside his bathroom stall door. 

The janitor then climbs up the ladder, with a light bulb in hand, to change the light that hangs over my husband's stall, with my husband in clear view. 

What the?

My husband just sat there, stared at him, and wondered, "what are you supposed to say in a moment like this?" 

Ummm hello?
Excuse me could you wait until I'm done?

Or how about,
Hey thanks! That flickering has been bothering me for a while now.

Instead he said nothing and let the janitor finish the deed.

My good humored husband had a good laugh about it the rest of the day, and even tried to get some thoughts out of the janitor when they bumped into each other on their way out of work that day. 

Do you think this would have been handled similarly in a woman's bathroom?

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  1. That is quite funny and I must say embarrassing. But hey, just another day in the life of a man. I mean they do have to stand next to each other and pee.

    For a women's bathroom, they would just shut the whole thing down. So you'd either have to wait outside doing the "peepee" dance or run and find another lavatory.