Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: The Hunger Games

I braved the hoards of 14-year-old girls to see The Hunger Games this weekend. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. I love books, and I usually love when they turn books into movies. It's fun to see if what you visualized was similar to what someone else visualized.

Keep in mind, I am pretty easily entertained. It doesn't take much for me to like a movie. Just having a night away from my kids to have a date with my man is pretty much all it takes for me to be satisfied in the theater.

(Scale of 1-10 borrowed from the expert...Erica)

  • True to the book- 8
I didn't notice any life-changing deviations from the book. I feel the story was portrayed just about as well as you could in 2 hours. Of course I wished for more little details, but it would have made for a much longer movie. My husband liked it better than the book. He thought the book was cheesy.

  • Acting - 9
After some of the actors they picked for the Twilight movies, I was a little skeptical about another young adult book-turned-movie. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought all of the characters were quite good. I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. She really stole the show (which is a good thing since she was the main character). I thought she was a believable heroine. Brave yet vulnerable. I think Donald Sutherland was an excellent cast for President Snow. He has that gentle but terrifying quality. I also loved Elizabeth Banks for Effie Trinket. She was just what I imagined. The career tributes were a little lame, but all in all, I was pleased.

  • Gruesome Factor - 8
I thought the gore was tactful. It had to be in there, of course, and I am glad that it wasn't over the top. It was still a little violent, but let's face it, the whole premise of the book is pretty horrendous.

  • Eye Candy - 9
I always appreciate a movie with some attractive guys. I may be married, but I'm not blind. The two main guys are pretty studly. Although, I have to discount Liam Hemsworth for being Miley Cyrus's boyfriend. Really? But if you don't find these two attractive, there is always Lenny Kravitz.

  • Costumes - 9
I adore movies with costumes. Regular clothes are just so boring. I thought the Capitol people were great. They were bright and loud and eccentric. However, I was hoping for some really weird looking ones.

Overall, I give the movie a 9. (Maybe this good review will get me in with the right people and they will cast me in the next one...)

If you haven't seen it, go. If you haven't read the books, do it. Reading is good for you.

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  1. I read the books and love every last one, and I thought the movie was incredible! There were a few missing sub plots, but this is a movie with time constraints, and at 2 hours 22 minutes, I think they got in as much as they could. Even though I knew the outcome, I was riveted and on the edge of my seat. It was like the brought the movie right out of my mind. I want to see it again! Can you tell I loved it?

    In the books I was always "team Peta" but with the movie, I'd have to go with Gale, because he is fetchin' hot!