Saturday, March 3, 2012

People Magazine Got My $4

I don't really love to buy gossip magazines because most celebrities I've liked in the past have turned out to disappoint me:

Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
All Bachelor Couples
Heidi and Seal
Jon and Kate...

This list could be a mile long. So I usually peruse the headlines while checking out at the checkout stand and call it a day (or sometimes I'll read when I get my hair done, but you know, that's not often). Who really has time to read magazines anyway?

The other day was an exception though. As I was checking out at the grocery store, I looked up to see a rather fetching bride on the cover of People Magazine.

It was Elizabeth Smart.

I knew that I needed more details and that my kids wouldn't hold up while I stood there and read, so I threw the magazine on the conveyor belt, adding $4 to my bill, and knowing that I had something to distract me that afternoon.

A great $4 spent.

In my opinion, if Elizabeth Smart chose to sit in a corner and cry the rest of her days away, she would be totally and completely justified. But miraculously, she doesn't.

I think she is one cool person, and I am adding my congratulations to the happy couple (as if they knew me or wanted the attention).

And the wedding? Beautiful. (I may have shed a tear or two reading about husband is super embarrassed right now.)


  1. I almost wrote about this and decided not to! Glad you did. She is lovely and truly courageous! Great post!

  2. I now have to go pick up that copy of People.