Saturday, March 17, 2012

On My Soapbox: Delaware!

Happy St. Patty's day...I'm not Irish. I don't care. Currently wearing purple. On to the post:

Time to get ready to move again.

What?! But Lindsay you spent a majority of your time last summer stewing about moving and then boring all of us to tears about it all. How could this be?

That's right people. I've been married for 8 years now. This will be my 8th move. I may start a "Stop the Madness; Lindsay Wants To Stay Put" online petition, and I fully expect you all to sign it and then get 5 of your closest friends to sign it. Spam everyone you know! This is serious.

You'll never guess where I'm moving either because I can almost guarantee that you've never been there:


"Hi. I'm in Delaware" (Name that movie...showing my age?)

Funny story (maybe it's not that funny): We took a drive to Delaware (about 2 hours north) in December. In preparation for the outing, I used the Google to try to find something to do while in Delaware. I found a list of activities someone had compiled of things that Delaware had to offer; number one on the list?...

Washington D.C! (Where I am now.)

That alone should tell us something.

Other "fun" things to do in Delaware (according to said list):
New York!

It's clear that this person loves Delaware.

Should I be worried?


  1. I'd say the same thing is true to Richmond. When people visit you never stay in Richmond to sight see. It's all about DC or Williamsburg or the beach or Monticello or Carter Mountain Orchard or Charlottesville......Also, I will sign the petition :)

  2. Yes, you should be worried. And in my opinion you should also win a wife of the year, no, wife of the decade (give or take two years) award.

  3. Wow Moving again! I agree with Kasey there should for sure be a award for that!