Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Long of It

When I met my husband my hair was a long and flowing 3 inches below my shoulders. As a chronic hair chopper this was a big a big HUGE accomplishment for me.

This is why, when he said asked me one day while we were dating, "have you ever considered having long hair?" my jaw dropped and I sat speechless. What did he mean? Instantly this image crossed my mind

If my hair wasn't long what was it? He said, "short."

When we got married and I grew it out for a solid 3 years on his behalf he would encourage me with "it's almost long." And "are you going to give up and cut it before it gets long?" Bless his heart (that's what you say when you really want to tell someone to shove it right?).

I'm going to go ahead and blame his hair biases on the fact that he was born and bred in Utah. Is it just me or does it seem like there are a plethora of women with "very long hair" in this state? It was a true rariety if I ever saw someone with hair at or below their bra line before moving here and those with hair that long usually were not "with it" (see the above picture). I'm willing to bet that there are more women in Utah with extremely long hair than anywhere else, and extremely long hair that is well-styled too.

I know it's "in" right now everywhere (check Pinterest for verifiable proof) to have long bohemian, wavy, center parted, braided hair and such, (and I think it's lovely) but it hasn't always been the case...except for in Utah.

I know I'm not the only one who notices these things. People have asked similar questions (exhibit A) on Yahoo!Answers which I'm pretty sure is a representative sample of public opinion.

Maybe one of these days I won't "quit" prematurely and achieve the ultimate long hair dream, but if you ever happen upon me with the above hair-do, PLEASE, awake me from my brainwashed condition and tell me stories of short-haired women in distant lands.


  1. I'm cutting my hair on Thursday! Let me tell you...it's not worth it!! I'm waving my white flag! And I just bought myself an extra 15 to 20 minutes in the morning without doing a ponytail. I believe that hair length is an area where it's completely acceptable to tell men to shove it! Unless of course you have a husband who's going to spend time doing your long locks for you, he doesn't get a say!!! His job is to say, you look great sweetheart!

  2. Men deserve NO opinion in this area. Their hair takes 2 seconds to wash, 2 seconds to dry and a WHOPPING 5 seconds to style. THEY HAVE NO OPINION. :)