Friday, March 2, 2012

Intentional Irritation

What ticks you off? Some people can’t stand cyclists. Others ‘pet peeve’ is people who walk around using their speaker on their phone, or people who say ‘like’ a lot. Others have issues with back seat drivers, bad breath, or people who misspell or mispronounce words.

The things that are annoying change, depending on the situation. For example, cyclists are only annoying when you’re driving a car. Twelve year olds who say like a lot are really annoying, but a lot of the problem is that they say it while smacking their chewing gum like an irritating little fog horn. Once I broke up with someone because he pronounced ‘obviously’ as ‘ovously’. I think he was doing it on purpose.

The evil person in me loves to exploit people’s pet peeves. When we got married, my husband and I realised we both had a couple of pet peeves that we needed to respect. My husband’s ultimate pet peeve was finding cupboard doors left open in the kitchen.

Enter exploitation Plan A.

Day one, when he came home from work he found a door or two open. And proceeded to close them as I watched on. All he saw was my well rehearsed ‘I’m sorry’ face.

Day two, he found three kitchen cupboards and a few bathroom cupboards open.

Day three, four kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards and bedroom wardrobes open. By day three he was begging me to please remember to close doors. *evil snicker*

Day four, every cupboard in the house is open. When he came to me, exasperated, he was greeted with explosive laughter.

Little did I realize that this meant ‘game on’. We continue to intentionally irritate each other to this day.

I guess that’s why this morning I found nothing but chop sticks in the cutlery drawer. Now that’s love.


  1. Haha!!! Made me laugh so hard!! Was I the cyclist hater?? : ) I almost "accidentally" ran one over this morning while screaming at him to "use the freakin bike path that's right next to the road!!!!". Anyway, this is a cute post, it's so you guys. Love it!!

  2. This cracked me up! When you've been married a while, you definitely know the buttons to push...