Monday, March 19, 2012

I Missed the Bandwagon

There was a distinct moment when I knew I was no longer cool. I was 21 and I walked into the tanning place to get my daily dose of cancer. The girl behind the counter looked me up and down, lingered on my pants, sighed and shook her head. I'm sure she wasn't a day over 16. I went into the tanning booth and teared up thinking that my days of fashion glory were finally over. Little did I know that 9 years, one marriage, and two kids later, I would really hit the pits of fashion despair.

First of all, I have absolutely no clue what the style is at the moment, and at the end of the day when I have peanut butter and jelly streaked down my shirt, I realize, sweatpants work just fine for what I need to accomplish. But, since it is socially frowned upon to go everywhere in your sweatpants, I really try to notice what people around me are wearing.

With that said, there are a few things that I just can't bring myself to get on board with.

1. Unmatched nail color. I am a purist at heart and looking down at my nails to see 2 or more colors just makes me a bit ill.

2. Chipped nail polish. Unless you want to look like a hooker, your nails should either be chip-free, or polish-free.

3. I was in Target the other day and saw this bag. I can deal with all of the neon going on right now. In fact, some things are pretty cute. But neon AND a southwest design. Nope.

Actually, the whole southwest thing just isn't doing it for me. Could these shoes possibly be the ugliest things ever? (I'm sorry if you are wearing them right now.)

I'm pretty sure Kimmy Gibbler once wore this on Full House. I don't think Kimmy's fashions should ever be reproduced.

4. Unmatched socks. Once again, it may be the purist thing (or an OCD thing) but unmatched socks just look like you were lazy and didn't fold your laundry. In fact, I may wonder if you even did your laundry.

5. While we are on the subject of socks, should they really be worn with every kind of shoe?

6. What in the heck are these? Underwear, her little sister's shorts, Spanx?

What fashion trends are you going to boycott?


  1. Sorry Linz, I mix up my polish all the time! BUT two days is my limit. If it's not fresh, it's gotta come off.

  2. While I agree with most of these, I'm totally okay with mismatched nail polish and socks. The socks thing is really kind of fun- there are entire stores dedicated to the trend! Although it may be more fun purely because I'm in the circus world where it's totally normal to be weird. =)

  3. I agree with all of these except the socks. I love the mismatched socks for my daughters! They are fun and it eliminates the issue of the "sock eating" dryer. :)

  4. Those truly are the ugliest shoes ever!

  5. I don't paint my finger nails because it chips off too fast. But I have been know to paint my toes blue and orange (BSU). It is pretty funky. I've stopped trying to copy fashion and rules. I just march to my own beat.

  6. We do the mix up polish here at our house. My girls think it is the coolest thing ever to do every other. I think it is so ugly though but not a battle I am going tot for something so small. plus they feel so independent painting their nails every other!

  7. Those shoes! Who. Would. Where. Those?!