Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Post - Memory Lapse

Today, your post is brought to you by my best friend Kate. Kate and I have known each other so long that she even stole the name planned for me at birth. She was born 2 months before me and was named Kate... which was meant to be my name...hence why my name, Katrina, is an extension of her name. Kate is wonderful! Hilarious! Married to a hilarious man and has 2 hilarious children and a third on the way... who I'm sure will be just as entertaining. Enjoy :)

We normally have 9am church but I've decided to go to Mum and Dad's ward at 1pm instead. Maybe if my husband finishes early he can come with us too. We have a nice relaxing morning and we start to get ready a bit later than we should.

My three year old, Lucy, is a little crazed at this time of day because she's needing her sleep. Her dialogue for the last hour has been:

'I want grapes and cold water from the fridge! I am not getting dressed! I want to sit on my other chair! Jeremy is on my sheepskin! I'm doing play dough! I'm not doing a wee okay Mummy?' (even though I can tell she's busting) I want to see Grandma now! I want more cold water from the fridge! No! Not tap water, COLD water from the FRIDGE!'

Now picture this all in a loud whiney voice accompanied by crying and very fast stamping of feet (aka Riverdance) when the answer is not the one she wanted. I say, What the heck is your problem, can you just BE QUIET!!!!!!??? 'Please go and sit on your bed until you can come out and talk to me in a kind voice'. Meanwhile , my three month old is on the floor on his play mat amusing himself and even falls asleep about 15mins before we need to leave. (I don't have favourites, I don't have favourites.)

I'm running around like a loony packing bags and snacks and getting Lucy on the toilet and getting everything in the car. Finally I flop down into my seat and we leave the house, on time and without any yelling. (I didn't yell!! YES!) We drive 5 minutes and she is asleep. I have Mormon Tabernacle Choir cranked to chill me out. About 30 minutes from home and my husband calls me on the phone, he's just finished work and just been dropped home by a mate. “Hi” I say... “Lucy is evil today but is asleep now”.

Him: Um, Kate what are you doing?
Me: ummm....driving to church?
Him: Did you forget something???!!

You know that feeling when your brain goes a bit weird and you can see everything you've done for the last 2 hours in ultra ultra slow motion? I thought about everything I had done and then said (probably also in slow motion) Uuuummm....nooooo whaaatt?

Him: I don't know, maybe JEREMY??!

I left our 3 month old son asleep on his play mat at home by himself for like half an hour. He's just so quiet and non-invasive (sounds like surgery) that I forgot he was there! Thank goodness he was asleep the whole time. I turned around and went back to pick them both up.

Michael couldn't believe I had done it, and will pay me out for eternity about it.

Sorry Jeremy, I blame the 'cold water from the fridge' fiasco.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'll do this one day. I sort of forget about my child who is calm (also a newborn) and focus on the one who is whiny (also a 3 year old).