Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bringing It Back...Floral Print Sunday Wear!

When I was in about the 9th grade, I got my first pair of bell bottom jeans. They had come back in style, and I swear when my mom saw them in the store, she nearly forced me into them.

My mom wasn't "that" mom who cared what her daughter wore at all. But the nostalgia of those jeans, suddenly made her care about fashion. They were just like the ones she wore in the early 70s.

Moral of the story? Wait around awhile in fashion and EVERYTHING comes back in style. For instance, if you had told me when I graduated high school that roots (melting, ombre...whatever you want to call it), tapered colored jeans, and flat shoes would be in style now, I would have laughed in your face and told you that if you tried these things, you were guaranteed to never have a date again in your life. But here we are.

My favorite trend of this season from season's past (like 1992-97)?

Floral Print Sunday Wear that looks like curtains!!!

And lest you think that I am above this trend...I am the proud owner and wearer of one of the above items. I'm not above nostalgia!

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  1. I am ALL OVER the floral print! I bought a skirt last saturday to which I first said, "I remember my mom having stretch pants in this print in the early ninetys." It is that awesome of a print.